If you are not one of those fashionista’s who care to follow the seasonal trends and instead prefer to follow continuity over years, then you may gravitate towards a more sleek and simple wardrobe. And, let’s face it, everyone needs certain basics to get through the never ending occasions. The best things about must-haves is that they can be styled into new looks every single time. To help make things effortless for you, We have prepared a list of 10 must-have closet pieces that can help get you through any social affair!

  • A Little Black Dress:

Every magazine, fashion blog and even your mother was right- having a trusty LBD in your closet is a must for every fashion lover. This staple has its origin dated back in 1920’s. Coco Chanel tossed the concept of LBD and over the years it became an essential to a complete wardrobe by fashion lovers and fashion observers. Remember Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’? Yes, she gave a new style  to the Black Givenchy dress. Look out for classic knee-length, sleeveless, sheath styles. Pair it up with pumps and jacket for a sleek office look. We promise that it will get you through any occasion.


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  • Basic Cardigan:

Ranging from thin cashmere to heavy knits, there’s a cardigan out there to be a perfect fit for your every occasion or season. This version of a sweater was designed after the knitted waistcoats which the British soldiers used to wear. Evolving over years, this piece became a savior for every women out there. One of the major reason is it’s availability in multiple fabrics, styles and colors. Be sure to pick several different cuts, fabrics and styles so that you have plenty of options. Throw them simply over a dress to go over a picnic date or wear it with a blouse and skirt to pass your office day.


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  • White Shirt:

Whether you’re going for an interview, working from 9 to 5, or just wanting to looking fabulous for a lunch date, a white shirt should be your new BFF in the world of fashion! It’s difficult to think about anything as classic and stylish as the white button down shirt. This staple has the power to give you different looks each time you wear it. This staple is not an item you want to shortchange!


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  • Ballet Flats:

The fantastic thing about ballet flats is that they give you comfort without compromising your style island. This staple slips into your budget easily and makes sure that you look amazing. Whether it is a skinny denim or a weekend dress, Ballet flats are your go-to pair of footwear.


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  • A lightweight Scarf:

Scarves are one of that things that you do not go out to buy intentionally, but always end up adding to your cart. We love how stylish and complete an outfit can look by simple addition of a scarf. Silk, cotton, prints, colors are endless choices for your scarves-o-mania. Want to know a fashion secret? Silk scarves are definitely in!


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  • Comfy Skinny Jeans:

Skinny Jeans are the table salt of your closet, because they simply go with everything. Skinny Jeans are here to stay so feel free to splurge on designer wear options. Pair it up with a simple V-neck T-shirt or a silk blouse, we guarantee that you’ll look like a Diva. Black, Blue, White. What’s in your cart?


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  • Striped T-Shirt:

Striped Tee’s are apt for layering under jackets, lounging around in a dorm or using as a base piece to help tone down the statement extras. They are completely flattering yet not clingy. Isn’t that what we all wish to wear? This staple isn’t pricey, and is in fact so affordable that you can literally stock up on it!


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  • Elegant Pumps:

This pair of beauties will work with every single thing in your closet, with the exception of your gym clothes! The perfect go to option for any occasion where formal wear is needed, be it business meetings or parties. This staple is something you got it girl.


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  • Power Bag:

This is a bag that we can vouch to work in any situation be it business meetings, happy hour drinks or dinner with friends. Go for a size that holds your essentials and is easy to carry as well. Whether you are a clutch maniac or a tote lover, rest assured  that this power bag will reflect your personality perfectly.


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  • Statement Earrings:

Even if you are a minimalist at heart, sometimes being a dramatic won’t hurt! Throw these statement earrings over a simple dress or a blazer to make it look more powerful and feminine. Accessories should work as an exclamation mark on your outfit and statement earrings are the perfect accessory for every occasion.


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‘Already got all the staples? Or just some of them? These pieces are the building blocks for any closet. So, make them yours so that you can have the closet that everyone envies.’

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