On the occasion of Women’s Day 2020, we at GetNatty sat down with our all-girl Styling & Content team over a relaxing cup of coffee and chatted about their diverse and unique takes on what it is to be a woman. We talked about what the Women’s Day theme of #EachforEqual means to them and how they empower women by bringing them the best in style and fashion daily.


I am Pritha Das and I am the Senior Stylist & Curator at GetNatty. I think #EachforEqual means the kind of work you do, and the expectations your manager or team has from you should be the same, regardless of the gender you identify with. When it comes to fashion, #EachforEqual means transcending all the rules that are very gender restrictive. For example, I would love to see men confidently carry off pink in pants, sherwanis or bandhgalas. And I would encourage more women to try on power suits with strong shoulders.

Fashion never gets old or boring for me because it is always changing and adapting. I always loved dressing up as a child and I find fashion to be an important part of how I communicate with the world. For instance, I am currently wearing a cheerful blue striped dress to celebrate the weekend! I love to see a woman find the right color or the right pattern or the right dress for her and the shine in her eyes when she looks good and knows that she does!

I come from a line of creative women; both my grandmother and my mother are artists. And I really admire Sushmita Sen, another strong woman who has managed to strike a balance between raising her daughters and her career. I am in awe of her and her strong personality, which has always inspired me. If I had a chance to dress Sushmita Sen, I would choose something that reflects her independent nature, interlaced with compassion and empathy.

I chose this designer lehenga for Sushmita Sen so that it will complement her height and features. It was also very reminiscent of her Mehboob Mere days.

Saira Lucknowi Lehenga
Saira Lucknowi Lehenga


I chose this three-piece set because it is not just super comfy but also extremely on-trend.

Kamya three piece
Kamya three-piece



I am Vishwa Mistry and I am the Social Media Manager & Merchandiser at GetNatty. For me, #EachforEqual means everyone around me should be given equal opportunities. If anyone seems to be feeling low, they should be motivated and never be pulled down. I shall always encourage my teammates and work hand-in-hand with them. #PositiveVibes only! I want to spread only positive energy around me, making the workplace a happy place.

I always had a strong desire to work in a fashion company as a personal shopper and here I am in GetNatty, the perfect place to explore and make my dreams come true. I chose to become a stylist as well as a marketer as it is one of my favorite tasks to brainstorm every day on how to make the company grow. I really love understanding and resolving my customer’s problems, and helping them understand what fashion is all about.

I admire women who dress for themselves and not for society, who love to dress, who are bold and fierce enough to take a step ahead and contribute a little every day to their growth and the lives of the ones they love. These women not only inspire me but always make me love myself more.

Too many colors on a page are what I love! I always look upon my work as an artist and try to fill colors in all of my projects. I aspire to be an entrepreneur with my own company. I dreamt this right from my first day at GetNatty, as I was totally influenced and inspired by my boss who not only encourages me but also helps me out when there’s too much chaos on my desk.

I usually wear loose outfits that reflect my liberal & friendly nature towards everyone, new colors and glittery outfits that reflect my nature of trying out new things all the time and a big smile on my face that adds brightness to my personality. I usually wear black which reflects my intense and thoughtful nature. You will always find half of my wardrobe filled with black because black is not boring, black is bold.

I love this Charcoal Black Catholic Maxi Dress from Garima Singhal since it embodies the bold, fierce, independent woman of today:

Charcoal Black Maxi Dress
Charcoal Black Maxi Dress



Hi! I am Surbhi Singhi and I am a Stylist at GetNatty. I believe #EachforEqual is all about accelerating Gender equality along with celebrating the achievements of women. It does not matter in my work life whether my colleagues are of a specific gender. Every gender has the right to say and achieve whatever they have dreamt of. I think I have a great eye for understanding the principles of design, which made me choose to be a designer. Becoming a designer was never a choice for me, but eventually, my interest changed and my creativity helped me become a designer/stylist. When I was a kid, I always used to play with my mom’s sarees, trying out different types of draping methods! As a teenage girl, I would always give my friends advice on what to wear and how to style their clothes for any occasion, and I am happy to say they would always do what I say!

I have always admired my best friend, Ruchika, a psychologist. She has built herself into a very beautiful person and I greatly admire her thoughts and beliefs.

I am a hard worker and I always try and keep myself motivated by trying new things at work, especially those that inspire my passion! I like to dress up in very casual outfits, and since I believe in sustainability and protecting our planet, I always try to use the garment for as long as possible. I dislike wastage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be as trendy as possible. The trick is to invest in classic pieces that will stand the test of time!

For instance, this palazzo set with a short Kurti and dupatta not only embodies the modern woman of today but will remain in trend and a classic for a long time. The Kurti has hand-block printing on it, which is an ancient technique and this technique has been used a lot in the fashion industry.

Sharara Set
Sharara Set


We hope you enjoyed reading these brief insights into the warrior women at GetNatty who bring you the best in style and fashion! Happy Women’s Day!

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