Hello, you! You’re beautiful. Yes, you who’s reading these words. Now that I have your attention, contrary to what commercial media and industries feed you, there’s really no ideal body shape or beauty standard. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s our uniqueness and differences that make us beautiful. It’s silly to single out one form as desirable and use it to represent the whole of women’s society.

The point is, indulging in beauty and fashion is for everyone and not just for an exclusive set of model species. It’s important to dress for your beautiful body type, so you feel comfortable and confident in celebrating yourself. You can figure out your body shape and proportions by determining your shoulder, bust, waist, high hip and low hip measurements. So get out a measuring tape, stand straight, and let’s take it from the top.



Ask a friend or family member to place a measuring tape across your back and measure from the outer edge of one shoulder to the other.


Wrap the measuring tape around you, over the fullest part of your bust and under your armpits.


Bend sideways from the waist and the spot where your skin creases is where your natural waistline is – between your rib cage and belly button. To measure, circle the tape around your waistline.

High Hip

Wrap the measuring tape where you usually wear your pants, just below your belly button.

Low Hip

Circle the measuring tape around you, over the largest part of your buttocks.

Now that you have your measurements in place, you can choose outfits that will perfectly fit and flatter your figure.Here’s our guide to identifying, dressing and styling the 5 common body types.



You fall in the apple body shape category if you have broad shoulders, a bigger bust line, fullness in the tummy area, a narrower bottom and shapely legs. Your build is characterized by a heavier upper body, with weight generally gathering around your midriff.

 What’s Hot?

  • V-neck or scoop necklines that elongate your torso
  • Strappy and sleeveless outfits or 3/4th or full sleeves
  • Empire cuts, A-line silhouettes, flowing tunics, shift dresses and wrap dresses that don’t fit snug around the mid-section
  • Flared bottoms like palazzos or boot cut jeans to balance out the top
  • Monochrome looks, darker colors, or vertical stripes

 What’s Not?

  • Stay away from figure-hugging, tight silhouettes
  • Avoid bulky tops with fussy details around the bust, tummy or hip
  • Wear a belt just below your bust instead of around your waistline.


Our Stylist’s Pick For The Inverted Triangle Body Shape




You may be an inverted triangle body shape if you have wide shoulders, a straight rib cage and narrower hips and bottom. Your build is characterized by a broader top half than the lower body.

 What’s Hot?

  • V-neck and U-neck scoop necklines
  • Peplum tops or straight, minimal and clean silhouettes
  • Ruffles, patterns and details that add volume to your lower half
  • Wide bottoms like palazzos, boot cut jeans, dhoti pants, and flared skirts to balance out the upper body
  • Belts around the waist to add definition.

 What’s Not?

  • Avoid patterns, ruffles and volume on the top
  • Stay away from broad necklines and shoulder pads


Our Stylist’s Pick For The Inverted Triangle Body Shape




You are a pear body shape if you have narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, a clearly defined waistline, and fuller hips, bottom and thighs. Your build is characterized by a larger lower half than the top.

What’s Hot?

  • Sweetheart, V-neck, scoop or boat necklines
  • Shoulder pads, puffed sleeves or cap sleeves to highlight your shoulders
  • Scarves, ruffles, patterns and volume on the top half
  • Tailored pants, skinny jeans and A-line skirts
  • Empire cuts and fitted styles to accentuate your waistline
  • Monochrome, darker hues on the bottom and lighter, brighter colors on top

What’s Not?

  • Avoid patterns, ruffles and volume around the hips and bottom
  • Steer clear of dropped waistlines


Our Stylist’s Pick For The Pear Body Shape




You’ll know if you’re an hourglass body shape if your shoulders are in proportion to your hips, and you have a clearly defined bust, narrow waistline, and curvy bottom. Your build is characterized by a perfectly-balanced top half and bottom half.

 What’s Hot?

  • Outfits that hug your natural silhouette and accentuate your curves
  • Well-fitted undergarments that support and shape your bust and bottom

 What’s Not?

  • Avoid loose, baggy and over-sized clothing that hides your figure


Our Stylist’s Pick For The Hourglass Body Shape




The rectangle body shape has a proportionate shoulder to waist to hip ratio. The build is characterized by a small bust, very little waist definition and a narrow bottom. It mostly follows a straight, well-balanced silhouette from the upper to the lower body.

 What’s Hot?

  • Sleeveless, strappy, strapless, halter and sweetheart necklines
  • Ruffled and layered or peplum tops
  • Belts, empire cuts and wrap style dresses that define the waistline
  • Details that add volume around the hips and bottom

 What’s Not?

  • Avoid droopy and baggy clothing that hides your waist
  • Stay away from top-to-toe straight silhouettes


Our Stylist’s Pick For The Rectangle Body Shape



Whatever your body shape, remember that you are beautiful. Above all else, take care of your health and happiness by eating right, exercising daily and loving yourself.

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